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Running Navisworks with Navistools provides the functionality to search, link, tag and report on information stored in Navisworks models or BIMs, as well as the ability to add new construction and maintenance data captured on-site.

Navisworks with Navistools used as a Field BIM application using the above process facilitates continuation of the BIM process after the design phase for construction, fit-out and then FM.

Building and associated information is added to the model during fit-out and subsequently handed over to the operations team. Navistools is a tool for builders, planners and subcontractors. It enables Navisworks models to be browsed and managed anywhere with all kind of devices that have a modern Web Browser installed. In addition of browsing 3D models user can also browse and edit database information that is attached to the model items. Features The model can be published by using groups.

When groups are used they can be shown and hide from the menu. Group names can be freely chosen when publishing e. You can clip the model with clipping planes from different directions and measure distances with measurement tool.

Application provides both perspective and orthographic cameras and you can switch between them as you like. If Navisworks model is linked with external database also published WebGL graphics will retain database links. Then metadata information of the objects are displayed in the Properties window. Application contains a Selection Tree that can be used for searching a certain object from the model.

Selected object will be zoomed to screen and its metadata will be populated into the Properties window. You can save views from different positions of the model and restore them later.

You can also add comments to the model and edit and remove them later when don't need anymore. Navistools Field There is two ways to use our Navistools Field. You can use it direct from your mobile or tablet browsers or you can download our iOS App from Apple store. You can use your own mobile devices as a same way you use your desktop browsers.

Just open the same address from you browser and use your model where ever you are. Onsite coordinator can then manage and use all that data with his Navisworks and Navistools Standard system. You can use Navistools iOS App also in offline mode. After you are back in online your changes can be updated in your model. Plugin converts any model or aggregated model that can be opened in Navisworks e.

With Navistools Property Publisher you can publish properties to the data service database. Total solution for handling models and related databases will also include Navistools Standard that is used as an interface for server or cloud based database. By default the solution is running on our Web Service which we are offering as a service, though it is also possible for the clients to purchase and install it into their own Web Server.

Navistools Field About Navistools Field Navistools Field construction field management software combines mobile technologies for on-site use with server based collaboration and reporting. It is intend to use together with Autodesk Navisworks and Codemill Navistools databases. The system consists of Navistools Standard software that typically is used by the onsite coordinator.

Client apps Navistools Client apps are the apps that are installed on your mobile device and which typically onsite workers are using when they wish to change a status of an object, link photos or other attachments to the object or change object properties.

Onsite coordinator Onsite coordinator can then manage and use all that data with his Navisworks and Navistools Standard system. He can also embed status and property information and publish it to anyone who needs to follow onsite work and the statuses, look at linked photos, and just Navisworks Freedom is needed here. Web service Navistools Field needs a web service for the database, the service can be located freely on almost any service providers cloud service or on clients own web-server the system consumes Navistools database through REST API.

For situations when connectivity to the internet becomes temporarily unavailable, or if a computer is outside of the office and cannot connect, Open License seats will switch to offline mode. In offline mode, each device is granted three days to use the program before it is required to connect back to the Bluebeam Gateway.

What happens if all the seats in my Open License pool are checked out but someone urgently needs to use Revu? Administrators have the option to log in to the Gateway and manually release any user whose status is inactive. If the Administrator releases a seat while a user is working in the program, we release the seat but also protect the active user by allowing them to continue working so that they will not lose their work.

Only when they close and reopen Revu again will they need an available Open License seat to continue working with Revu. How are upgrades within Open Licenses managed? We understand that fully upgrading software within an organization takes time. If you own an Open License and an upgrade to the next version becomes available, both the current and new versions will continue sharing the same pool of seats.

This allows for ultimate flexibility when your environment requires incremental upgrades. An Enterprise License is a special license key of Bluebeam Revu designed to help manage computer turnover. It does two things: Automatically releases registered computers that have failed to communicate with our licensing server for 15 days. In other words, once a machine takes up a seat by registering to an Enterprise License, it will periodically ping Bluebeam's Licensing Server to confirm that it is still active.

If the machine fails to communicate with the server for a period of 15 days, it will automatically be released from the license key, freeing up the seat to be registered to another machine. If you exceed the overage allowance, an "exceeded licenses" warning will appear, and further installations will be restricted. You can view or manage your Enterprise License at any time through our web portal, the Bluebeam Gateway.

What are the Administrator capabilities for Enterprise Licensing? Access to the Bluebeam Gateway Count active Revu users versus available seats Manage multiple seats through a single interface Invite additional Administrators to assist in managing active users How do I know if I have used all my licenses?

Is there a charge for going over? With an Enterprise License, you gain access to the Bluebeam Gateway, a web portal for viewing and managing both Enterprise and Open Licenses. The Bluebeam Gateway allows you to view how many seats of each version and edition you own, how many computers, or "seats," are registered to each license, and which computers they are.

If you are approaching or exceeding your limit, you can purchase additional seats or unregister licenses from computers as needed. Any new seats purchased may take up to 24 hours to update and appear in the Gateway. Please reference our support article for more information. Please remember to check your spam folder. If you already have a Studio account, you can use the same email address and password for your Bluebeam ID.

If you do not use Studio, you can use the email address associated with your existing Gateway account to create a Bluebeam ID. How do I qualify for Enterprise Licensing? There are a couple requirements for Enterprise Licensing. First, your licenses must be consolidated into a single license key by product.

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