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It's a crash course on recording covering the fundamentals starting from initial mic selection all the way through tracking a band, recording overdubs, and doing a rough mix. You'll not only see how you'll do it, you'll learn why as well. The animations and illustrations are fantastic, and they really help convey the concepts in an easy to understand way. My many thanks to David Franz, the audio content manager at lynda. Thanks to Todd Howard for being a great producer and for keeping so many things organized, and to director Ben Nilsson for capturing the essence of the sessions. The team of Bryce Poole doing the video editing, Will Frazier for the great animation, and Steven Spencer for his audio skills get my everlasting thanks. There are a lot more people at lynda that were involved and please forgive me for not mentioning you, buy you all have my sincere appreciation. And of course, the wonderful artist Iyeoka, who has such a great vibe that it's hard not to make great music when she's involved. You can get a sense of what the course is all about from the following video. About 30 movies from the first four chapters will also be available for free. You can go here for a free 7 day trial to lynda.

The Best Deals On Lynda.com - Audio Mixing Bootcamp Teach Me Mixing.

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The Best Deals On Lynda.com - Audio Mixing Bootcamp


How to mix with audio compression - cldudo.me tutorial

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