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HDR ready, simplified tools. Lacks the editing depth of Adobe Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro is a fantastic choice for almost any photography enthusiast out there, with a great range of features and an easy-to-use interface.

While it may not be able to match market heavyweights like Adobe Photoshop in terms of high-level editing power, almost anyone is going to find something to love with this package. Some of the trickier editing tasks are simplified here into almost one-click tools, while those willing to get their hands dirty can access a deeper level of features, aimed around professional level editing, including new updates like Selective Focus which allows you to recreate tilt-shift lenses. This is a solid photo-editing suite, with a decent set of features and a slick interface, providing a more cost-effective alternative to other slightly higher end offerings.

Highly recommended. Look for Similar Items by Category This product is also listed in: Plenty of good tools. I like the one step photo fix, although it is not perfect.

Cons Should have focused more on increasing the power of the program over adding questionable features and not particularly useful companion programs.

Facefilter, for instance, gives an unnatural distortion and only works on jpg files, so that big Tif portrait you better do yourself. Improved, but does not take too much to get an out of memory error. Not really 64 bit. A bit slow sometimes compared to Adobe, but can live with it. Still no Adobe color support, but converts and does not seem to affect finished product. The "improved" Photoshop brush import tool has not worked for me.

I have difficulty understanding how set up custom brushes, that is I don't understand how to do the steps equivalent to Photoshop's presets, although I know they exist because the supplied brushes work o. When it comes time to save the modified image, PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate offers dozens of file types, including of course all the familiar ones like jpg, tif, bmp, etc.

Corel also offers its own format, which retains all the editing information so you can continue working on an image. Also offered are several Macintosh-compatible formats. Most significantly, however, the all-important psd Photoshop file format is included, which means you can be compatible with the rest of the world. Photoshop-Style Features Speaking of Photoshop, it is the third Edit tab where the full power of PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate becomes apparent, and where comparisons to the pound gorilla become relevant.

Among many other noteworthy features, the familiar Magic Wand tool from Photoshop is present here, allowing you to quickly select irregularly shaped objects within an image. Unfortunately, this was the one hiccup I experienced. The program crashed the first time I used the Magic Wand, though when I re-launched the program and tried it again the Magic Wand worked fine. Also, in fairness, as I finished testing and shut the program down I was informed that an update is available; I have no idea whether this update would have prevented the crash.

The options in the Edit section are many, organized into menus labeled Adjust as previously described, plus more choices like smart photo fix, depth of field, and chromatic aberration removal ; Image includes rotations, borders, resize, color depth, grayscale, and watermarking ; Effects such as photo effects, 3D effects, artistic effects, distortion effects, edge effects, geometric effects, illumination effects, image effects, reflection effects, and texture effects ; Layers vector layer, raster layer, art media layer, and mask layer , and Objects.

The choices in Objects let you align objects vertically or horizontally, make them the same size, arrange them, and convert text to curves. The second installation disc adds three separate items, each requiring a separate installation. This takes a bit of figuring out.

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PaintShop Pro X4 Ultimate included Nik Color Efex Pro , a voucher for 21 images from Fotolia at high quality, and additional Picture Tubes. X5 Ultimate included Reallusion FaceFilter Studio , NIK Color Efex Pro , and "over unique brushes, textures and royalty-free backgrounds".License: Shareware. Feb 08,  · PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate has two big advantages over Photoshop: a lower price and easier-to-use modes for beginners who might be intimidated by working with layers. PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate is a versatile, pro-quality full-featured photo editing program which even demanding, experienced Photoshop users will find perfectly capable/5. COREL PAINTSHOP PRO SERIAL NUMBER GENUINE FREE. COREL PAINTSHOP PRO SERIAL NUMBER GENUINE FREE. COREL PAINTSHOP PRO SERIAL NUMBER GENUINE FREE. Visit. COREL PAINTSHOP PRO SERIAL NUMBER GENUINE FREE Shopping MoonLight > Responsive coming soon Pagein each seller & make purchase online for cheap. Choose . From professional photographers to passionate enthusiasts, PaintShop Pro provides a powerful photo editing and creative design experience. Capture life and ignite your imagination with PaintShop Pro Transform your photos into something amazing, original and personal.3/5(2).

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