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Click here to read our review of the all-new version, PowerDVD It started from humble beginnings as a program that allowed you to play commercial DVD movies on your PC when that was something everybody still wanted to do. It also functions as a media librarian and online video viewer with direct connections to both YouTube and Vimeo. PowerDVD sports two interfaces: The list of file types and codecs that PowerDVD supports is impressive if not quite as universal as some of the free players. It can play everything from older AVI to h. You can see the full list here. Yes, PowerDVD 18 comes in several different flavors. The rest of your setup must be capable of handling the type of disc involved for PowerDVD to successfully play copy-protected movies. The new features Version 18 of PowerDVD is a fairly mild upgrade, though that all depends on your wish list. The new features for version 18 of PowerDVD are as follows: PowerDVD has supported 3D video since it came back in vogue. The alpha channel is to facilitate transparency, allowing you to easily remove or replace the background. Last, but not least for inexperienced users, is the new PowerDVD learning center, which is basically a nicely rendered help dialog with links to online videos. Performance What can I say? Not a lot of software gets the same treatment.

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