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While it may go by various names — drivers permit, learners permit, learners license — this simple piece of paper can mean the world to a new driver. In order to obtain a learners permit, teen drivers are required to pass a written test. Typically they will prepare for this exam by completing a drivers education course. Once you pass your permit test and earn a permit, there may still be certain restrictions attached to this provisional license — such as requiring a licensed driver over a certain age to be seated cheapest way to purchase Micromat Checkmate license the passenger seat, limiting your driving to daylight hours, and other state-mandated rules. General United States Permit Requirements While each state has its own set of guidelines, in general, teens between 14 and 18 years of age can start the drivers education and learners permit process. Once a teen driver has obtained a cheapest way to purchase Micromat Checkmate license permit, there are additional state-specific requirements they must meet before they can apply for their drivers license. Before obtaining a learners permit in any state, a teenager is required to pass a driving knowledge test. Drivers education is the best way for a teen to prepare for this exam, whether the state requires it or not. In some cases, passing a drivers ed final exam can substitute for the written exam. Once he or she passes, a teen driver will be issued a learners permit. Some states require teen drivers to have a permit for a minimum of 6 months before they can take their drivers license exam. Why Do You Need a Permit? Teens account for the highest number of traffic accidents each year nationwide. To cheapest way to purchase Micromat Checkmate license prepare new drivers for the challenges they can expect when they get behind the wheel, states encourage potential teen drivers to earn a permit and gain valuable behind-the-wheel training. The benefit of a learners permit or drivers permit is that it allows a new driver to spend time in the drivers seat, under the supervision of an experienced driver. Not only will the teen be better-prepared for their drivers license exam, but they also have the benefit of asking questions and discussing concerns with someone else before they are all alone on the road. The age of the adult supervising the driving practice also varies by state, but typically ranges from years of age.

How to Get a Learners Permit

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