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This means that the Enterprise Edition will hold all the new features that are being introduced. You will only be able to purchase CPU Core licenses. Oracle into CPU core licensing hell. If you have quad core CPUs you need two of these packs per socket. The catch here is that you have to purchase at least 4 cores per CPU. The host based licensing works just like it did before, you purchase enough Enterprise Edition CPU Core licenses for the host and you can run as many virtual machines running SQL Server as you would like to.

Upgrading using your Software Assurance Rights This is probably the section that you were looking forward to or dreading the most. Can i still buy Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise?

it expires you will need to true up on the number of CPU Cores. This is because the Microsoft Account Managers and Microsoft Partners have the ability to give you more credit that these minimums. If you have a SQL Server today with two sockets and you upgrade it to SQL Serverthen you need to add two more sockets to the server you can still do that. Contact your Microsoft Account Manager if you have a Software Assurance or an Enterprise Agreement then you have a Microsoft Account Manager, your boss probably knows how to contact them or Microsoft Partner and they will be able to see you CPU licenses for existing servers only.

Can i still buy Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise? you have more cores than 4 per socket the costs will go up depending on the number of cores that you have. Customers with an Enterprise Agreement should be paying less than these numbers show. Of course Software Assurance will made the numbers go up but that includes its own set of benefits. I hope that this answers your questions about the SQL Server licensing model that will be coming out.

After all I did spend the better part of a day on the phone with two people at Microsoft to get all of this explained in such a way that I understood it. As not everyone out there will get that chance I put together this blog post to explain what I learned. Lots of people were using it, including everyone running SBS R2 or what ever it is called. I think we were pretty lucky to have gotten away with CPU based licenses for as long as we did. When the full feature to edition matrix is released that will be a big deciding factor in how well some can i still buy Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise?

these changes will go over. But when you look at some of the variables that they have put into getting people upgraded, specifically the ability to convert a CPU license to at least 4 core licenses or at least 8 if coming from Data Center edition gives some flexibility.

This is when it is going to be very important to have a good working relationship with can i still buy Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise? Microsoft Account Manager or Microsoft Partner as the ability to upgrade for as little as possible will be sitting squarely in their hands. I would reach out to this person now, get to know them. Bake them some cookies, send them a bottle of booze, what ever it takes to get on their good side.

can i still buy Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise?

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