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As a whole, the app feels tighter and more streamlined. The app needs access to your contacts to manage event invitations and show your birthdays and anniversaries, should you choose so. As for location access, Fantastical 2 uses your geographical coordinates to search for locations when creating events and reminders and to send you alerts on geofenced reminders. This column is fixed width and cannot be resized. Your search field always sits in the top right corner, right where it should be. In the left corner is the Today button that takes you to the current day. On its sides are left and right arrow icons which can be clicked to advance or get back one day at a time. To go to a specific day, choose Go To Date in the View menu. Just hit the plus sign in the left column or the text entry field in the mini window and the press the Fn key on the keyboard twice. Case in point: Among them are calendar sets.

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