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I will say that I doubt any of the PCs you find in a box at the store are going to meet your needs. It seemed like every YouTube video was done on a Mac, ever podcast was about how the new Mac was so awesome, and every photographer I talked to was using a Mac. As a software developer I think Adobe and other software companies are being lazy with their development practices because so many computer systems have high quantities of RAM, but they need every bit you can give them. Some PC makers do better at customer support than others, although even that seems to change depending on who you ask. Applications must also meet all other requirements for security, code signing, permissions, etc. So I did quite a lot of research and was able to do some testing to see specifically what makes a difference. Flags are useful for marking your favorite photos or ones that still need to be edited. Thanks, we'll look into this. School ID card. Living in Herriman, Utah. Adobe Creative Cloudfor Mac. A debate that live on for years to come, but there is really only one that is best for photographers.


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